tin mutton chow mein chop suey

Tin mutton lamb chow mein chop suey Recipe

tin mutton chow mein chop suey
tin mutton chow mein chop suey

– cup noodle
– tin mutton
– vegetable oi
– onions
– garlic
– jeer
– green and red fresh pepper
– salt
– mono sodium
– seasoning soy sauce
– thin slices of Chinese cabbage (bok choey)

Start by pouring hot water in cup of noodle and set aside so it softens.

Sau·té on a frying pan that has lid, on medium heat, oil, inions, garlic, jeer, diced pepper (green and red) until brown. Add some soy sauce and add in the cup noodle. Mix well.

Then lastly add in the cabbage mix and turn off stove within 1 minute. Else cabbage will over cook.


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