Nama or Sea Grapes Recipe

Nama or sea grapes is one of the most delicious delicacy found in the ocean. And the preparation is easy as well.

For de-hydrated Nama, which is basically Nama with water removed from it, and packed tightly so more can fit in a box. Open box and soak in cold water for a few minutes. Drain water and soak in more coal water. Can add ice to keep Nama fluffy and crunchy.

For it’s filling, it’s easy as well. Open a tin tuna in a bowl. Dice in some tomatoes, inions, some garlic, salt, msg, peppers, chilly and any other spices of your choice. Even chilly power or fresh habanero. Then add in some coconut cream. Either in a tin or fresh ones. Mix well.

Then pour filling in a serving bowl and add a bit of name as pictured above. Eat and enjoy thoroughly. 🙂


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