Lamb pot roast

Lamb Pot Roast Recipe

Lamb pot roast
Lamb pot roast all cooked.

Making lamb pot roast is easy! It takes about 1/2 an hour altogether to cook.

Pot Roast Lamb Recipe

Chop up some lamb into desired pieces. Heat up pot, add a bit of oil as lamb is already oily then  add lamb into the pot. There should be a bit of water in the pot which comes along when lamb is washed. Since there is little water, occasionally check and stir as it could burn up real fast! (Then you will have burned lamb, not pot roasted lamb 😛 Your guests will be slightly amused. 😛  ) The idea here is to cook the lamb so when it is almost dry, add just a tiny bit of water so that it doesn’t burn. And keep stirring so the meat on the bottom does not burn and stick. Close lid and wait a few mins.

When lamb is almost cooked, add some pounded garlic, chillies, salt, and paprika to taste. Paprika is just to make it look red. So add desired amount. Add some dark or light soy sauce to taste as well.

Give it a few more minutes, it should be cooked. Obviously taste the lamb to ensure it is cooked. Once cooked, turn off stove and chop up some inions  add and even add some cilantro if you like. That’s it! Serve with a smile will make it even more delicious!


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