Purini in custard

Purini or Fijian Coconut Steam Pudding Recipe (share)

Fiji Purini served as dessert.
Fiji Purini served as dessert.

Purini or Fijian coconut steam pudding is one of the oldest pudding dish around in Fiji and it is absolutely delicious! I’ve even seen it being cooked / steamed in natural hot spring water!

Purini Ingredients:

  • 1 – 2 cup or tin coconut cream
  • 2 cups of brown sugar, or 3 cups white sugar as white sugar is not that sweet.
  • 3 cups self raising flower
  • 2 table spoon baking soda
  • 2 eggs
  • 4 table spoon margarine butter
  • 2 – 3 medium ripe bananas (mashed)

Purini instructions:

  1. Be ready and feel good as you are about to make one delicious dish! Phone your neighbor and give advanced notice to children not to eat too much junk! (if you are going to share…)
  2. Melt sugar and butter in a pot or saucepan on medium eat ensuring that sugar does not burn.
  3. Add the eggs after some time
  4. “Slowly” add coconut cream, pour bit by bit so it does not splash out. Stir until all sugar is well melted then let it cool.
  5. Combine all the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix it well together.
  6. Then pour the melted sugar into the mixing bowl a little at a time until the batter reaches a mixture like pancake mixture.
  7. Add the mashed banana and mix well.
  8. Finally pour purini batter into a steaming pot and steam it for about one and half hours.
  9. To check if its done, stick a folk and if no residue sticks on the folk it is done!
  10. As an optional, make some custard and pour custard over sliced purini to eat dessert style!
  11. Else simply slice and serve with tea or juice.

Did you know?

Purini are also known as Puteni, Puligi, and Burnt Sugar pudding according to wikipedia at least. It’s historical existence isn’t known but we can bet a dollar that it was introduced by the British.

Ok it’s picture time!

Purini cooked in hot spring water
Purini cooked in hot spring water
A pot of food being cooked at the Savusavu Hot Spring.
A pot of food being cooked at the Savusavu Hot Spring.


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